Preschool Newsletters

Teaching Ideas for November 8

Bible Story: “Elisha and the Widow” Scripture: 2 Kings 4:1-7 Babies (Their Bible story is  “God Cared for Elijah,” 1 Kings 17:1-16.) Babies are hearing about Elijah again this week. Repetition is meaningful for preschoolers of every age group. Babies are repeating new skills many times during the day. They even watch you and how you care for other babies in the room. Just as God cared and provided for Elijah, you are caring for the emotional, spiritual, and physical … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for November 1

Bible Story: “Elijah Prayed” Scripture: 1 Kings 18:1-2, 41-46; James 5:17-18 Babies   (Their Bible story is “God Cared for Elijah,” 1 Kings 17:1-16.) So much goes on in the first year of life. Babies are growing at such a fast rate; they will actually double their birth weight in their first year. They are becoming more aware of their world and of those who care for them. Therefore, you are important to each child you teach. As you interact … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for October 25

Bible Story: “God Cared for Elijah” Scripture: 1 Kings 17:1-16 Babies (Their Bible story is Daniel 1:1-20.) Daniel felt God’s love and experienced His provision. Babies will feel your faithful care and attention, too. Take time to let them feel how much fun it is to be around them. Play a simple game by saying babies’ names as you clap their hands together at the same time. Continue doing the game as long as they are enjoying the interaction. Say: … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for October 18

Bible Story: “Daniel Chose to Obey” Scripture: Daniel 1:1-20 Babies The parents of the children you teach are fortunate because you are regular teachers. Their children are building relationships with you. The babies recognize your soft voice and they know you by the way you hold them and relate to them. Something so simple but so consistent helps babies recognize others who love and care for them. Why is this so important? Because babies need the consistency of care from … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for October 11

Bible Story: “King David” Scripture: 2 Samuel 5—8 Babies – Music (Their Bible story is 1 Samuel 17:12-15, 17-22.) As you greet babies, ask parents to sign in their children and complete the instruction cards by the door. Play background music so that the atmosphere is calm and welcoming. In a soft voice say the Bible phrase “Help one another.” You might say: “David helped his brothers by bringing them food. Mom has a bottle for you. Thank You, God, … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for September 20

Bible Story: “David Played Music” Scripture: 1 Samuel 16; Psalm 23 Babies – Using Thank-You Prayers (Bible Story is “David and Jonathan” for Babies.) A baby is learning so much about the world around him; perhaps you will be able to influence a baby about the atmosphere at church. He might feel the warmth and love of a teacher as he hears her say: “Thank You, God, for ____________ (incorporate the child’s name). God loves you.” Simple prayers will allow … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for September 13

Bible Story: “David and Jonathan” Scripture: 1 Samuel 14:49; 18:1-4; 20 Babies – Playing with Friends Babies are fascinated by others in the class. Often you will see them try to touch other baby’s faces, hair, or hands. They are curious about other friends in the room. As babies play on the mat and reach for each other, use simple statements such as: “You see ___________(child’s name); he/she is your friend.” They will someday understand what a friend is, but … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for September 6

Bible Story:  “King Saul” Scripture:   1 Samuel 9—10; 11:12-15; 13:1-15; 15 Babies – Using the Bible On Sunday our babies will hear you speak about David and Jonathan (other age groups are learning about King Saul). As you engage babies in play, say: “I have a good friend, ____________ (insert the child’s name) is her/his name.” Babies enjoy hearing others say their name, too. Open the Bible (page 353 in the Read-to-Me-Bible) to the picture of David and Jonathan and … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for August 30

Bible Story:  “Lydia and Paul” Scripture:   Acts 16:11-15   Babies Who doesn’t love to hear the words “I love you?” I’m sure most moms and dads tell their babies frequently that they love them. Babies needs to hear that Jesus loves them, too. Sing the song “Jesus Loves Me” but substitute the word You as you change a baby’s diaper, play on the mat, or hold a child in your arms. Singing always adds an element of calm and security … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for August 23

Bible Story:   “The Church Began” Scripture:   Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 2   Babies Babies are learning that teachers in their room help them when they need a bottle, want a diaper change, or just want to play. What a wonderful way for teachers to help babies begin to understand that people at church care about them. Even the simplest needs you meet for babies can help them feel safe and secure at church. They have not yet caught the concept … Continue reading