Monthly Archives: December 2017

December 27, 2017

Prayer for you, have you met the Shepherd of mankind? Praise God, for Baby Jesus! Preschoolers love to act out the Christmas story. As you pass out costumes, everyone wants to be the angel, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, sheep, cow, donkey and maybe a few chicks. The scene is complete until someone decides to be the doctor who wraps the baby doll in cloth saying to Mary and Joseph, “Congratulations, it’s a God!” Preschoolers love to be the shepherds. Cool sackcloth … Continue reading

December 20, 2017

Prayer for you, drop what you are doing to stand in awe and worship. Praise God on your journey to Bethlehem. I have a nativity set that I put out every Christmas. As I take the figurines out of the box, I can’t help but wonder about this odd assemblage of people. What kind of relationship with God did they have to merit such a prominent roll in His story? First, we’ll take out Baby Jesus. He is after all … Continue reading

December 13, 2017

Prayer for you, as you journey to Bethlehem. Praise God, for a spirit of all things Christmas. Legend of the Candy Cane August was a candy maker in Cologne, Germany. And one Christmas Eve, many, many years ago, he brought a special gift to the grand cathedral in Cologne. It was the very first candy cane . . . and August had made it himself. “I gave it the shape of the letter ‘J,’ the first letter of Jesus’ name.” … Continue reading

December 6, 2017

Prayer for you, as you journey to Bethlehem. Praise God, the Light. Do you have a Christmas tree and what color are the lights–white or multi-colored? Maybe you even have a silver aluminum tree with a color wheel disc that changes its color. My mother-in-law had one of those. I loved it! Do you decorate your tree? My tree has a lot of ornaments with sentimental value. Some of them I bought the first year my husband and I were … Continue reading