Monthly Archives: August 2015

Teaching Ideas for August 30

Bible Story:  “Lydia and Paul” Scripture:   Acts 16:11-15   Babies Who doesn’t love to hear the words “I love you?” I’m sure most moms and dads tell their babies frequently that they love them. Babies needs to hear that Jesus loves them, too. Sing the song “Jesus Loves Me” but substitute the word You as you change a baby’s diaper, play on the mat, or hold a child in your arms. Singing always adds an element of calm and security … Continue reading

August 26, 2015

Good morning, Father. I pray for Your blessings on the lives of the children I teach. I thank You, Father, for the avenue of prayer. Help me teach these children how to pray. May it be as easy as a conversation with a friend. Assure them that You hear their prayers and that You always answer as a caring Father, even when they do not receive the answers they want. “Now this is the confidence we have before Him . … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for August 23

Bible Story:   “The Church Began” Scripture:   Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 2   Babies Babies are learning that teachers in their room help them when they need a bottle, want a diaper change, or just want to play. What a wonderful way for teachers to help babies begin to understand that people at church care about them. Even the simplest needs you meet for babies can help them feel safe and secure at church. They have not yet caught the concept … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for August 16

Bible Story:   “Jesus Loved Mary and Martha” Scripture:   Luke 10:38-42 Babies Play quiet music as babies arrive. Notice how the atmosphere in the room takes on a calmness. Create opportunities to say “Jesus loves you” by spending time playing with each child. Place toys within reach and engage in play together. You probably have heard the phrase “Nothing says love better than time together.” A baby will enjoy the loving interaction she has with you from the moment she enters … Continue reading

Teaching Ideas for August 9

Bible Story:  “Jesus Read the Scroll (Bible)” Scripture:  Luke 4:16-22 Babies – Look at the Bible Babies love for you to talk to them. Open the Bible on the mat and say: “You can look at the pictures in the Bible. The Bible tells us about Jesus.” Babies need to hear us speak about the Bible and Jesus. All babies need the opportunity to pat the pages in the book as you place the Bible in your lap. They will … Continue reading

August 5, 2015

Good morning, Father. As Promotion Day takes place this Sunday, I voice prayers for blessings for the children I will teach or encounter as I serve. Lord, lead these children to trust in only Jesus’ sacrifice for their eternal salvation; assure them that their souls are secure in Your hands. Help me to plant seeds for harvest at an early age. “I have written these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that … Continue reading